Books by HIP

1. Hiroshima Handbook

(revised edition published in 1995)

Hiroshima HandbookHIP published the Hiroshima Handbook (Japanese-English) in 1985 to convey to the world the facts of the damage caused by the atomic bombing. Since then, it has been used as a reference for interpreters and translators, as a textbook for those who wish to become interpreters, as teaching material for peace education, and as a resource for peace activists and journalists overseas. The revised version, released in 1995, is available through direct sales by HIP.

Contents: A collection of English terms related to the atomic bombing, peace, medicine, military, nuclear power, etc., as well as information in English on facilities and organizations related to the atomic bombing and peace. Approx. 3,000 words.

Price: 1,200 yen.

Table of Contents

  1. Word List (General, Medical Terms and Phrases, Nuclear Glossary, Military Glossary)
  2. Facilities and Organizations for Peace Activities
  3. Libraries, Museums, Audio-Visual Facilities
  4. Field Trips
  5. Law and History Related to A-bomb Sufferers and Radiation Victims
  6. History of Hiroshima
  7. Nuclear Disasters around the World
  8. Explanations
  9. Book Review
  10. Information

2. HIP’s Peace Park Guide

(published in 2005)

Hiroshima Peace Park GuideOver 70 monuments grace Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park. Each one embodies stories that cannot be learned through their inscriptions alone. However, by sharing the hidden histories behind these monuments, we hope Hiroshima’s message of peace will reach people in Japan and abroad. With this in mind, HIP published HIP’s Peace Park Guide (with CD), a guidebook based on HIP’s experience and knowledge of guiding visitors through the Peace Memorial Park. It first came into print in 2005, on the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing.

This guidebook serves as a textbook when guiding foreign visitors in English, or simply as a guide for travelers from abroad. It covers 21 of the Peace Park’s most vital monuments and features, including the Cenotaph for the A-bomb Victims and the Children’s Peace Monument. It comes with an audio CD.

Price: 900 yen (tax not included).


(1) Introduction; (2) Tree which Survived the A-bomb; (3) Monument Dedicated to Sankichi Toge; (4) Under the Elevated Section of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum; (5) Peace Boulevard (Heiwa Odori); (6) Memorial Monument for Hiroshima, City of Peace; (7) Pond of Peace; (8) Flame of Peace; (9) Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims; (10) Children’s Peace Monument; (11) Peace Bell; (12) Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound; (13) Monument in Memory of the Korean Victims of the A-bomb; (14) Ruins of Jisenji Temple; (15) Rest House; (16) Motoyasu River; (17) Motoyasu Bridge; (18) Hypocenter; (19) Memorial Tower for Mobilized Students; (20) Aioi Bridge; (21) A-Bomb Dome

3. HIP’s Hiroshima Guide – English Conversation for Guide to Hiroshima

(published in 2016)

HIP's Hiroshima GuideHIP published HIP’s Hiroshima Guide – English Conversation for Guide to Hiroshima (with CD), a simple guidebook to introduce and guide visitors to Hiroshima in plain English. It’s intended to help foreign visitors enjoy Hiroshima’s contemporary life and specialty food. Immediately after the book went on sale, it was introduced in the media, and orders poured in. High schools and universities have used it as a textbook, and HIP has also received orders from taxi companies and other local organizations involved in tourism. It remains popular today.

Presented as dialogue between a foreign visitor and a tour guide, the book introduces Hiroshima’s sightseeing spots such as Miyajima, Shukkeien Garden, and the Atomic Bomb Dome, as well as specialty foods like okonomiyaki. The book comes with an audio CD.

Price: 800 yen (tax not included).


(1) What’s Hiroshima Like?; (2) Shukkeien; (3) Hiroshima Castle; (4) Mitaki-dera Temple; (5) Going to Hijiyama; (6) At the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art; (7) Memorial Cathedral for World Peace; (8) At the Pier; (9) Itsukushima Shrine; (10) Daisho-in Temple; (11) A-bombed Tree; (12) Cenotaph for the A-Bomb Victims; (13) Children’s Peace Monument; (14) Atomic Bomb Dome; (15) Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum; (16) Ruins of Chugoku Regional Military Headquarters Semi-underground Communications Bunker; (17) Former Bank of Japan, Hiroshima Branch; (18) Ebisuko; (19) Hiroshima Carp; (20) At an Okonomiyaki Restaurant; (21) Oysters of Hiroshima

Available at the following bookstores

  1. Kinokuniya Hiroshima Store: HIP’s Peace Park Guide and English Conversation for Guide to Hiroshima (can be ordered at any Kinokuniya stores nationwide)
  2. Junkudo Shoten Hiroshima Station Store: HIP’s Peace Park Guide and English Conversation for Guide to Hiroshima
  3. Maruzen Hiroshima Store: English Conversation for Guide to Hiroshima
  4. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum 1F Shop: HIP’s Peace Park Guide

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